Vol. 137 No. 1598

Issue Number: 1598

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Impacts of digital technologies on child and adolescent health: recommendations for safer screen use in educational settings

Julie Cullen, Alex Muntz, Samantha Marsh, Lorna Simmonds, Jan Mayes, Keryn O’Neill, Scott Duncan


Emergent inequity of glycaemic metrics for Māori children with type 1 diabetes is negated by early use of continuous glucose monitoring

Luke A Stedman, Jonathan Williman, Mercedes Burnside, Hannah Davies, Craig Jefferies, Brooke Marsters, Ryan Paul, Benjamin Wheeler, Esko Wiltshire, Martin de Bock, on behalf of KIWIDIAB


Examining the approaches used to assess decision-making capacity in healthcare practice

Nicola Hickling, Clare M McCann, Lynette Tippett, Gary Cheung


Dying well in Aotearoa New Zealand for ethnic minority communities: a time for reclamation?

Shamsul Shah, Shanthi Ameratunga, Roshini Peiris-John, Rodrigo Ramalho, Tess Moeke-Maxwell, Paul Wolffram


A rare case of severe constrictive pericarditis post-COVID requiring pericardiectomy

Mark O Pottier, Emily R Hill, John G Lainchbury, Ian G Crozier